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iOS 7 Apps Development - Intensive Course

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iOS 7 Apps Development - Intensive - Course Outline

iOS is the mobile development platform. iOS 7 Intensive with Xcode 5 will immerse students in the iOS SDK and Xcode, allowing students to gain core competencies in Objective-C and Xcode then walk away from the class ready to build iOS Views and controllers. iOS Intensive includes instruction on the basics of setting up Storyboards and UI widgets, as well as advanced capabilities that make iOS compelling, such as GPS, mapping, network access, multimedia, and persistence.

This intensive course content is entirely centered around building interesting projects that reinforce every concept introduced. After the instruction session, students can work independently or with their peers doing hands-on exercises. The only way to learn development skills is to build and during this this iOS Intensive course, you will get experience building a diverse set of apps.

Special features of our iOS 7 Apps Development Intensive Course

  • Small class size
  • Each class is only 5 to 10 cohorts enrolled to ensure proper mentorship and attention

  • Convenient Schedule
  • A weekend of focussed learning to launch your career into exciting world of Mobile Development

  • Hands-on
  • Each concept is reinforced through demonstrations and try it out on your own practical exercises to give you ample practice

  • Collaboration
  • Cohorts can collaborate afterwards in design and develop on their own idea.

  • Course Materials
  • You will get access to all the course materials and a number of carefully selected resources before, during and after the session.

  • Mentoring
  • Cohorts get continued support even after the course.  There is a plan to introduce Advanced Courses in the future for career oriented.


Getting started

  • Hello iPhone
  • Xcode 5
  • Interface Builder(IB)

Thinking like an iPhone Developer

  • Using M-V-C to dissect apps
  • Designing apps with objects
  • Understanding object lifetime
  • Applying object-oriented design
  • Code object-oriented designs

Coding in Objective-C

  • Creating classes to match designs
  • Connecting code to views in IB
  • Defining the action message
  • Demo and Hands-on exercises

Writing an App with multiple views

  • Design an application
  • Creating classes to match designs
  • Creating the model classes
  • Connecting code to Interface Builder
  • Orchestrating app with controllers

Polishing your app

  • Setting up your application's images
  • Using images for buttons
  • Adding animation
  • Making your app look professional with graphic design
  • Demo and Hands-on exercises

Working with databases

  • keeping track of data
  • Introducing Core Data
  • Fetching and viewing data
  • Changing your data model
  • Demo and Hands-on exercises

Creating a photo-based application

  • Designing the application
  • Creating an app with tab-based navigation
  • Incorporating models
  • Working with photos
  • Demo and Hands-on exercises

Moving, rotating, editing and animating images

  • Improving Disguisey
  • Using animation to jazz up
  • Recognizing touch gestures
  • Saving the disguised face
  • Demo and Hands-on exercises

Working with Location and Maps

  • Designing a map application
  • Creating an app with a map
  • Flipping the view to take a picture
  • Showing the parking spot on the map
  • Making the Parkinator
  • Demo and Hands-on exercises

Accessing the internet

  • Internet enabled Parkinator
  • Adding buttons on a toolbar
  • Using web views in your app
  • Integrating with Twitter
  • Demo and Hands-on exercises

Debugging and optimizing your app

  • Debugging without tools
  • Debugging with Xcode
  • Speeding up your app
  • Demo and Hands-on exercises

Bring it all together

  • Develop a real world App - hands-on

Publishing your App

  • Running your app on a device
  • Submitting your app to the App Store

Next steps

  • Plan and resources for your continued learning

Course Prerequisites:

    Participants need to have prior development background in any one programming language to take full advantage of this intensive course

    For Participants with prior programming experience Participants with prior C or C++ language programming skills are not required to do any pre-work. Participants from other programming languages and those who have not used Objective-C are encouraged to apply well in advance so that we can provide resources for you to quickly brush-up on Objective-C language.

For Participants with no prior programming experience:

    Participants with no programming experience whatsoever can still apply if they are interested and they must do so a couple of months in advance.

    Participants need to spend at least 6 - 8 weeks in developing their programming skills before taking this course.

    We can help provide the right resources to speed up learning and assess readiness

Recommended equipment (not mandatory)

    A latest Mac Book Air or Pro with at least 4 to 8 GB RAM. (Recommended 8 GB)

    iPhone or iPad

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