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Extract Transform and Loading (ETL) Tool

Purpose :Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence is the most happening and fast growing area in Information Technology.
We will train any individual on Data Warehousing basics, ETL process (Extract Transform and Loading) along with tool training.


At the end of the course you will be able to

  • Identify Sources and targets as per Business requirements
  • Design & document ETL process
  • Implementing security features to ensure data privacy for reports
  • Schedule & Monitor ETL jobs
  • Compare the results before / after data load to ensure quality to client

We will also provide Career Guidance on Resume Preparation, Mock interviews and Job search assistance.

Target audiance

  • Freshers with No prior knowledge of data warehousing.
  • IT professionals who wants to enhance careers in DWH/BI.
  • Aspirants who are interested to work on local projects and gain Australian experience.
  • Any one with IT skills like JAVA, .NET, SAP, ORACLE APPS, Webdesigning and would like to know how DWHBI skills help their career.

Course outline

  • SQL & Pl/Sql basic Concepts
  • Data Warehousing Basics, Architecture, Design patterns
  • OLTP,OLAP,MOLAP functional aspects
  • Extraction and cleansing of data, migration of data techniques
  • ETL basics, Purpose of ETL, different types of ETL
  • DataModeling steps in Data Warehouse, Industry standards. Slowly changing Dimensions(Type I,II,III).
  • Functional usage of DataMarts in data warehouse databases.
  • Job Market Trends & Q/A session
  • Architecture ofinformatica,components of inforatica
  • Introduction and types of transformations
  • Building of RPDfilter transformation, Sorter transformation, Rank Transformation,
    Expression Transformation
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence Platform integration with datawarehouse.

Practice & Q/A session

  • Aggregator Transformation, Source Qualifier transformation, Joiner transformation, Update strategy ransformation.
  • Lookup transformation, Transformation (connected Unconnected) Normalizer Transformation, Sequence generator Transformation
  • Mapplets, Constraint Base Load ordering, Target Load Plan
  • Caches in informatica, Types of sessions
  • Event-wait, Event-raise, Command Tasks, Assignment Task
    Decision Task, Time Task
  • Mapping Parameters, Mapping Variables, Session Parameters
  • Surrogate key, Scd type1,type2,type3
  • Incremental Loading, Incremental Aggregation, Scheduling


  • No specific prerequisites, although an understanding or prior attendance to a security course will be beneficial.


  • 4 Days

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